Create and Organize Folders

Creating your content structure is very straightforward. Start by creating your main categories, create sub-folders and then finish with uploading your materials.

Showell App for Web

Add and organize (top-level) folders

Add a folder:

Add Folder

1. In the Showell App for Web, Open 'Edit'-Mode and navigate to the location you'd like to add a new folder

  • If you want to add a new top-level folder: Open 'Edit'-Mode on your Home page.

2. Click the '+ Add'-button in the top right

3. Click on 'Add Folder' > Provide a name > Click Save

Organize your folders and files:

Organize Contents

1. To organize your folders and files, Activate the toggle in the top right corner, right next to the '+add'-button.

2. Simply click and hold the 'drag'-icons on the folder of file you want to move, then drag them to the desired location. This will be the 'default' order when opening the folder in 'view'-mode.


Showell Admin

Add and organize top-level folders

Create New View Admin

Open Showell Admin to create a top-level folder:

1. Select the Files tab in the top menu

2. Select Create a new folder

  • Give a name to your folder and choose if you would like to have this public or private > Click Done

Open a Folder's Settings to place it in the right order:

3. In a Folder, click the 'Settings'-button in the top right corner

4. On the bottom of the settings page, you'll find 'View order'. Choose the place where you would like to move the top-level folder to > Click Save changes


Add and organize Folders

Add Folder Admin

Add a folder:

1. Navigate to the top-level-folder or folder you'd like to add a folder

2. In the top right, Click Add > New Folder

3. Give you folder a name and click Done. You will be automatically navigated inside the new folder

Organize your folders:

To organize your folders, simply click and hold on the folders you want to move, then drag them to the desired location within your Folder.



Can I upload contents to both top-level Folders and Folders?

Absolutely, both the top-level folders and folders can contain a variety of content, including documents, images, videos, 3D objects or Smart Tools.

What is the difference between top-level folders and regular folders?

Top-level folders, previously known as 'Views', allow you to categorize and organize your content effectively. When you click the 'Files' or 'Home' tabs in the side menu, these top-level folders are the first ones you see. They play a key role in dividing and managing your content. These folders can also be provided with a background image that will be applied to all the sub-folders within it. 

(Regular) folders are any folders or sub-folders that you create underneath the main top-level folder. These folders help to further divide and organize your content, and they can also be customized with thumbnails for easy identification.