Dropbox Integration: Setup Guide

Connect your Dropbox with Showell and sync your selected content.

Authorize the connection between Dropbox and Showell

1. Setup a user in Dropbox

  • It is recommended to create a separate user in your Dropbox for the integration with Showell. While a personal account can be used, having a unique user specifically for the integration makes it easier to disable the integration by simply removing the integration user. This also helps prevent any accidental movement of personal files to Showell.
  • This user will then be used for managing the Showell integration.
  • These account credentials can be given to all those in your team to manage the integration. The name of the user account can be for example: 'Company name_Admin'.

2. Go to Showell Admin

3. From the top menu, select: Admin > Dropbox

4. Begin authorization by selecting โ€œAuthorize by signing in to Dropboxโ€

5. Login with your Dropbox userโ€™s credentials

6. After logging in to Dropbox, you will be prompted with a message asking if you "trust the developer". This warning is displayed because the integration between Dropbox and Showell is not listed in the Dropbox App Center.

7. Click Continue > Allow


Create linkages: Sync your content between Dropbox and Showell

Once the connection has been authorized, you can start syncing your content between Dropbox and Showell.

1. Connect your folder

  • When connecting your first folder, you can click 'Connect first folder'
  • When connecting a folder later on, click 'Connect folder' in the top right corner

2. A pop-up screen will appear to connect your Dropbox folder to Showell

  • Use the arrows to navigate your contents
  • Left panel: Choose the Dropbox folder you want to connect
  • Right panel: Choose the target destination for this folder in your Showell directory

3. Click OK


Manage your integration

drop-down menu button with dropbox

1. Check the status of your linkages by refreshing them. Running linkages can be monitored using this feature to see if they have been completed. This will not fetch new or changed files.

2. To fully remove your Dropbox connection: Click Dropbox > Disable Dropbox

3. By clicking the 'Drop-down menu'-button located on the right side of your connected folder, you are able to:

  • Remove connection: This will remove the individual linkage
  • Disable connection: The linkage is still connected but will not synchronize
  • Fetch new or changed files: This will immediately synchronize the individual linkage


๐Ÿ’ก FAQ

How do I activate the Dropbox integration on my Showell Workspace?

If you are interested in learning more about the integration between Showell and Dropbox, you can find additional information:

Is my content automatically synchronized?

By default, the Dropbox integration in Showell automatically syncs every hour. However, if you have a large amount of content that needs to be synced, it is recommended to adjust the sync interval. If you would like to change this to for example daily or weekly, please reach out to Showell Support for assistance.

Can I have multiple DAM/Cloud integrations on one Showell Workspace?

Yes, you can sync contents from multiple integrations at the same time.

Is there a file size limitation?

A single file cannot exceed 6GB. However, this limit is rarely reached unless you are dealing with multi-file zip archives or lengthy 4k uncompressed movies. So, there is no need to worry about exceeding the size limit for most standard files.

What happens to all my Showell Presentations and Shares when I update a file?


๐Ÿ”” Troubleshooting


I am unable to sync content, or syncing fails

It might be so that the authorization is revoked from the Dropbox side. Therefore you will have to re-authorize. Contact Showell Support for further instructions.

Reconnect Showell and Dropbox after a previous connection has been established or accidentally deleted.

1. Open your Dropbox account

2. Go to Account > Settings > Connected Apps

3. Search for 'Showell Cloud' > Click Disconnect

dropbox connected apps

4. A confirmation pop-up will appear, click Disconnect to confirm

disconnect the showell cloud app in dropbox

5. Follow the same authorization steps, to establish the connection between Dropbox and Showell again.