How to send notifications

As Administrator you can send notifications to your users to inform them on for example: new content updates, campaigns and other changes.

💡Benefits of Showell notifications:

  • When you have uploaded new materials, you can instantly let individuals, groups or all the account users know about it
  • You can attach the newly uploaded materials to the notification.
  • You can set high priority to a notification if you want to be sure your users read the materials you've sent. They will receive a pop-up of the notification when opening the Showell App.
  • Send the notification to both the user's email and Showell App
  • Create a push notifications so the user gets a message from the Showell App on their device
  • Add an action button to the message. If the message is high priority and the user does not click the action button, they will be notified over and over again.
  • Once you have sent the notification, you can see how many users have read it.
  • Made a mistake? Forgot to add content? You can always edit your notifications and send them again.

☝️Learn how to:

How to create and send a notification

  • Open Showell Admin
  • In the top menu, click Admin > Notifications
  • In the top right corner, click ➕New notification
    • Recipients: Choose the users and/or groups you would like to send this notification to. ➡️Tip: You can click: Select All users or type: All users to send the notification to everyone in the account.
    • Notification subject: Give your notification a title
    • Message: Write and format your message
    • Send notification as: (A notification is always send to the Showell App)
      send notification as push notification
      • Push notification: The receiver of the notification will get a push notification on their device (if enabled)
      • Email: The notification is also send to the receiver's email address
        email notifications
    • Advanced settings:
      • Priority: Choose if you'd like to give this notification a Normal or High priority.
        High priority will require an action from the receiver: For example by opening an attachment or clicking the action button (label)
        notification priority
      • Custom Action Button: If you'd like to create a customized button within the message that the receivers can click (or have to click with high priority):
        For example: custom action button example
    • Attachments: Add all the content you would like the receiver to have
    • Preview email: If you have selected to send the notification as email, you can have a quick preview look.
  • send button Once your notification is ready, click Send
    • Not ready yet? If you have written your message and added your materials, you can save the notification as a draft (only if the notification has no recipients yet).
      save draft button
  • After sending the notification, you will find it on your notifications page
  • Have a look how the notification looks like within the Showell app for your receivers!

How to find info on, and edit a notification

  • Navigate to the top menu bar and click Admin > Notifications
  • You will find a list of all the notifications you have sent:
    notifications pannel
    • You can quickly find out how many recipients have read, acted or removed your notification. This activity information is provided within 0 to 5 minutes after the user has performed the action.
    • Who the sender is
    • When the notification was created
  • Click the name of the notification, you would like edit.
  • You are now able to adjust all the same settings as when you created the notification and Send again!
  • If you'd like to delete the notification:delete notification
    • Click the checkbox, next to the share
    • A pop-up task bar will appear on the bottom of your screen, click: Delete


How to instantly send a notification after uploading content

  • Add new content to a view/folder with Showell Admin
  • After the uploading is complete, Click the button that appeared to 📢Notify users
    notifiy users button
  • By default:
    • the recipients will be: All users
    • The newly uploaded content is added as attachment
  • You are now able to adjust all the same settings as when you created the notification
  • send button Once your notification is ready, click Send