Send Notifications to your Users

As an administrator you can send notifications to your users to inform them on for example: new content updates, campaigns and other changes.

Notifications in a nutshell

When you upload new materials, you can immediately notify individuals, groups, or all Workspace users. You have the option to attach the newly uploaded materials to the notification.

If you want to ensure that your users read the materials, you can set a high priority for the notification, This will make sure that users will receive a pop-up notification when they open the Showell App. Additionally, you can add an action button to the message. If the message is marked as high priority and the user does not click the action button, they will continue to receive notifications until they take action.

To further engage users, you can create push notifications that send a message from the Showell App to their devices.

After sending a notification, you can track how many users have read it. If you make a mistake or forget to include content, don't worry! You can always edit your notifications and send them again.


How to send a notification

1. Open Showell Admin

2. In the top menu, click Admin > Notifications

3. In the top right corner, click ➕New notification

Recipients: Choose the users and/or groups you would like to send this notification to. You can click: Select All users or type: All users to send the notification to everyone in the Workspace.

Notification subject: Give your notification a title

Message: Write and format your message

Send notification as:

    • Push notification: The receiver of the notification will, if enabled, get a push notification on their device
    • Email: The notification is also send to the receiver's email address
    • A notification is always send to the Showell App

Advanced settings:

    • Priority: Choose if you'd like to give this notification a Normal or High priority. High priority will require an action from the receiver: For example by opening an attachment or clicking the action button (label)
    • Custom Action Button: If you'd like to create a customized button within the message that the receivers can click, or have to click with high priority.
      custom action button example
      • Custom Action Label: give a name to the button
      • Custom Action URL: Provide a website URL, or a link to a document within Showell.

Attachments: Add all the content you would like your users to view

Preview email: If you have selected to send the notification as email, you can have a quick preview look.

4. Once your notification is ready, click Send

  • Not ready yet? If you have written your message and added your materials, you can save the notification as a draft (only if the notification has no recipients yet).

5. After sending the notification, or creating the draft, you will find it on your notifications page



How to manage notifications

notifications pannel

1. Open Showell Admin

2. Navigate to the top menu bar and click Admin > Notifications

3. You will find a list of all the notifications you have sent. Quickly find out:

  • How many recipients have read, acted or removed your notification.
  • Who the sender is
  • When the notification was created

Edit: By clicking the name of the notification, you are now able to adjust all the same settings as when you created the notification and Send it again.

Delete: You can delete a notification by clicking the checkbox, next to the share > A pop-up task bar will appear on the bottom of your screen > click Delete



How to instantly send a notification after uploading content

1. Add new content to a folder with Showell Admin

2. After the uploading is complete, Click the button that appeared to 📢Notify users

3. The Notification window will open:

  • By default, the recipients will be "All users". But you are able to adjust this as you please.
  • The newly uploaded content is automatically added as attachment
  • You are able to adjust all the same settings as when you created the notification

4. Once your notification is ready, click Send



How long does it take to find out if users have read the notification?

You can easily track how many recipients have read, interacted with, or dismissed your notification. This valuable information is available within 5 minutes.