How to turn on Showell push notifications?

The first time you open Showell App, you will get asked if you want to turn on notifications. If you selected no then - but want to turn them back on, follow these steps...

➡️How to turn on Showell push notifications using a:

Windows device:

  • Select Start > Settings > System > Notifications (or click here)
  • Search for Showell and toggle it ON
    windows app notification toggle

➡️Visit the Windows Support website for more information

iOS (iPhone, iPad) device:

  • Go to Settings > Notifications
  • Search for and click 'Showell'
  • Toggle Allow notifications to ON

➡️For more information:

Android device:

  • Go to Settings > Notifications > App notifications
  • Search for 'Showell' and toggle it to ON

➡️Note: There are many device manufactures that use the Android system. Therefor these settings can vary with every device. We recommend to check your device's manual if the above provided option is not available.