Notifications in Showell App

View all your notifications straight from the side menu. Red notification badges indicate how many messages are unread or require actions.

How to view notifications 

  • Open the Side menu
  • Select Notifications
  • Open the notification you want to view

What is in a notification


  • Subject: the topic of the notification
  • Message: the actual message your administrator is trying to get across 
  • Attachments: your administrator can attach relevant documents to the notification
  • Call to action: a notification can require a custom action, e.g. read this document or go to this website. If a custom action is required, the notification will stay "unread" until you perform the action.

Example: An administrator might notify users of new or updated content to check out. They could attach relevant content as attachments and require some kind of action from the users to make sure the message is read.