App: How to view notifications

View all your notifications straight from the side menu. Your Admins can quickly update you on the latest materials!

💡Notifications are send by your Showell Account Administrators.

  • Red notification badge indicates if you have unread messages
  • A red flag will indicate that the notification has a high priority
  • The paperclip will indicate the notification has attachments
  • Some notifications require action, such as opening the attached materials or clicking the action button, to turn the notification off.
  • high priority notifications will also pop-up when opening the Showell App

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How to view notifications 

  • Open the Side menu
  • Select Notifications
  • Open the notification you want to view
    • Subject: the topic of the notification
    • Message: the actual message your administrator is trying to get across 
    • Attachments: your administrator can attach relevant documents to the notification
    • Call to action: a notification can require a custom action, For example: read this document or go to this website. If a custom action is required, the notification will stay "unread" until you perform the action.
  • If you'd like to fully remove the notification:
    • Navigate to your notifications
    • Click the 3 dots next to the notification
    • Click Remove

💡Tip: If you'd like to know where the documents, that you received with the notification, are located within the Showell App:

  • Open the attached document
  • Long press it's name in the top menu bar