View notifications from your Admins

View all your notifications straight from the side menu. Your Admins can quickly update you on the latest materials!

How to view notifications

Notifications are sent by your Showell Workspace Administrators to keep you informed about the latest updates. These notifications often come with new materials for you to explore.

In the Showell App, a pink notification badge indicates that you have unread messages. If this is a high priority notifications, it will also pop-up right away when opening the Showell App.

The notification badge doesn't go away? Some notifications require action, such as opening the attached materials or clicking the action button, to turn the notification off.

From the Notifications area, you can see right away if the notification includes attachments: it means that your Administrators included attachments or new materials for you to view or be aware of.

Make sure to stay up to date with your notifications so you don't miss any important information or content updates!


1. In the Showell App, open 'Notifications' from the Side menu

2. Open the notification you want to view

  • Subject: the topic of the notification
  • Message: the actual message your administrator is trying to get across 
  • Attachments: your administrator can attach relevant documents to the notification
  • Call to action: a notification can require a custom action, For example: read this document or go to this website. If a custom action is required, the notification will stay "unread" until you perform the action.

If you'd like to remove a notification:

1. In the Showell App, open 'Notifications' from the Side menu

2. (Multi-)Select notifications or click the 3 dots next to a notification > Remove




Is there a limit to the number of notifications?

There are no limitations.

Will notifications auto-delete from my Workspace after a certain amount of time?

No, All notifications will remain visible until you manually remove them.

How do I locate the documents received with the notification in the Showell App?

Simply open the attached document and click the folder icon next to its name in the top menu bar. This action will display the document's path/location.