Introduction for Showell Users

Showell App is a dream tool for all customer-facing teams looking to create a perfect buying experience for their customers. Showell is super easy to use and it takes only minutes to learn the basics.

Navigate & Find

Familiarize yourself with the basic features of the Showell App. Discover how easy it is to navigate, sort, filter, and find your content. Learn how to collect multiple files for quick actions such as presenting and sharing, know how to customize your personal settings, and start uploading content to your personal contents area "My Files" in Showell.




Make your presentations more personalized and impactful with the Showell App's Presentation Creator feature. This powerful tool allows you to customize each presentation to cater to the specific needs of your customers, ensuring that it is effective and engaging. While delivering your presentation, take advantage of Showell's convenient tools to take notes, highlight important points, or even record your screen.



Share & Analyze

Share your content quickly and efficiently. Easily share any content or presentation you choose, customize it with a personalized message, and have full control over sharing options. This feature is designed to impress your customers when they view the shared materials in the Digital Sales Room. Additionally, you can gain valuable insights from share analytics to make informed decisions.

DSR and Sharing



Which platforms are compatible with Showell?

The Showell App is available for: iOS, Android, Windows and any browser

For more information: Download, Install or Update Showell App

What devices are supported by Showell?

Most devices are compatible with Showell. For detailed information, please refer to the Supported Devices section.