Drawing is a very powerful tool to highlight important points during your presentation. Simply use your finger, cursor or a pen to draw!

Highlight by drawing

  • Open a presentation, photo or PDF.
  • Tap the Top Menu, Tools and then Draw
  • Choose the color and size for your drawing.
  • When you are happy with your drawing, tap the check mark.
  • You can undo, re-do and remove previous drawings.


  • Drawings you made are personal, it does not edit the original file or document, nor is it visible in another user's account.
  • Every drawing you make in a document remains there until you remove it. This is handy if you want to highlight something and quickly find it back later.
  • Because drawings made in a document are personal, these drawings cannot be shared.  If you share a document with drawings, the receiver will not be able to see the drawings.