App: How to use Screen Recording

You can use Showell's built in Screen Recording tool to present and share your content!

Note: This feature is currently only available with iOS devices
Coming soon in Version 9.0 (ETA: June 2022): Support for Windows devices!

Screen recording tips

  • Speak in a calm manner and move your mouse slowly
  • Use Showell notes to emphasize your points visually
  • If possible, use a good (USB) microphone to enhance understanding and gain trust
  • You can easily share your screen recordings:
    • For sending a pre-meeting pitch
    • For sending a post-meeting wrap up
    • Using it for onboarding or internal tip videos towards (new) co-workers
    • To create a pitch practice video that a co-worker (or yourself) can review

How to start/stop screen recording
How to share your screen recording

How to start/stop screen recording

  • Navigate to the right corner of the top menu
  • Click Tools (3 dots) > Record
  • Choose to be with or without microphone
  • Click 'Start recording'
    • With a windows device you are able to also record outside of the Showell App. Therefore you will be prompted to choose the Window you would like to record.
      Select the window of your choice (or whole device screen) and click 'OK'
  • Navigate freely between your content in your Showell account that you want to record
  • Navigate to the right corner of the top menu and click STOP to stop the recording
  • A pop-up bar will appear on the bottom of the Showell App:
    The video has been saved to the screen recordings folder.
    • Click 'Open folder'
  • All screen recordings are saved automatically to the 'Screen recordings'-folder in your My Files

How to share your screen recording

Sharing your screen recording is as easy as sharing any other file.
Have a look at the video for use cases and a walk-through.

More information on how to share screen recordings, files, folders and/or presentations: