Add Custom Terms of Service for user invitations

Add your Company's Terms of Service to any user invitation. Invitees must agree to your Terms and Conditions before they are able to join the Workspace.

Custom Terms of Service for your User invitations

In order to add your company's custom Terms of Service (ToS) to any user invitation, you must first provide the URL/link towards it in your Workspace Settings. Once this is achieved, you will be able to toggle the custom Terms of Service option on or off with every user invite you create.

Invitees must then agree to your Company's Terms and Conditions by ticking a checkbox in the invitation before they are able to join your Workspace.


Showell App for Web

Add a Custom Terms of Service

Change Terms Of Service

1. In the Showell App for Web, Click Admin from the side menu

2. Choose Workspace settings

3. Choose General preferences

4. From the User invitations area, you can add a Custom Terms of Service link (URL). Once this is done, make sure to click 'Save'.


Showell Admin

Add a Custom Terms of Service


1. Open Showell Admin

2. Select your username in the top right of the top menu > Workspace settings

3. Add your Custom Terms Of Service (ToS) URL/link in the provided field

4. Click: Save changes

5. You can now include the ToS in your invitations




Can I upload a document with Custom Terms of Service?

You can only include a web link that directs users to your company's Custom Terms of Service. This link is typically found on your company's website.