The 'Keep on Device'-option

With this feature administrators can select which materials are downloaded and automatically updated to the devices of the app users.

💡What is 'Keep on device'?

When 'Keep on Device' is enabled, all of the content within that view or folder will be automatically downloaded and updated to all users when they are online. Once the files have been saved to the device they are available also offline. We recommend that you have Keep on Device enabled, it ensures that all users have up-to-date materials.

The 'Keep on device'-option:

  • Is by default ON
  • Can be applied on any view or folder
  • When turned OFF:
    • App users with internet connection will be able to open individual content simply by clicking the thumbnail. The content will then be downloaded to their device and also made available offline. This comes in handy if you have a large account, while the user might only need to use a small part of it.
    • App users without internet connection can only view the content's thumbnail, but will be unable to download/open the content. (Unless the content has been downloaded beforehand when the user had an internet connection available).

How to enable/disable Keep on Device

keep on device toggle

  • Navigate to the view/folder you would like to keep on device
  • Go to the view/folder Settings
  • Turn 'Keep on Device' ON or OFF
  • ✔️Save changes