Keep on Device

With this feature administrators can select which materials are downloaded and automatically updated to the devices of the app users.

What is Keep on Device?

When Keep on Device is enabled all of the content within that view/folder will be automatically downloaded and updated to all users when they are online. Once the files have been saved to the device they are available also offline. We recommend that you have Keep on Device enabled, it ensures that all users have up-to-date materials. 

How to enable/disable Keep on Device

Admin Keep on Device_Trim
  • Select the desired view or folder
  • Go to Settings
  • Turn "Keep on Device" On or Off
  • Save changes

What happens if I disable Keep on Device?

It might be useful to disable this feature in some cases. For example to save space on users' devices. If Keep on Device is disabled the files within that view/folder won't be automatically downloaded and updated to users. The users can download and access these files if they are online. If an user is offline they won't be able to access the files. 

What happens if users are offline

Showell Offline_Trim
  • Users can see the files but are unable to access them
  • Users can not download the files without an internet connection

    What happens if users are online

    Showell Online_Trim
    • Users can download and access the files 
    • After the first download the files will be saved to device and available offline