'Keep on Device'-option

With this feature administrators can select which materials are downloaded and automatically updated to the devices of the app users.

What is "Keep On Device"?

When you enable 'Keep on Device' for a file or folder, all the content inside will be automatically downloaded and updated for all Showell Native App (Windows, iOS and Android) users when they are connected to the internet. Once the files are saved on their devices, they can access them even when they are offline. We highly recommend enabling 'Keep on Device' as it ensures that all users have the most up-to-date materials at their fingertips.

The 'Keep on Device' option is automatically enabled for all folders by default.

When 'Keep On Device' is turned OFF:

  • When app users have an internet connection, they can easily open individual content by clicking on the thumbnail. This content will then be downloaded to their device and can be accessed offline as well. This feature is especially useful for users with large Workspaces who may only need to access a small portion of the content.
  • Users who do not have an internet connection can only see the thumbnail of the content, but they will not be able to download or open the content unless it was previously downloaded when they had an internet connection available.


I'm using Showell App for Web:

Enable or disable 'Keep on Device'

Keep on Device

1. In the Showell App for Web, Open 'Edit'-Mode and navigate to the content you would like to adjust

2. Go to the folder or file's settings

3. Toggle 'Keep on device' on or off

4. Click Save


I'm using Showell Admin:

Enable or disable 'Keep on Device'

Keep on Device Admin

1. Open Showell Admin and navigate to the folder you would like to keep on device

2. Go to the folder* Settings

3. Turn 'Keep on Device' ON or OFF

4. Don't forget to Save changes

* If you'd like to toggle 'Keep on Device' for files, you can do so using the Showell App for Web



What if a user has fine-tuned their download options?

The 'Keep on Device'-option only applies to users who have chosen to Download all Contents. If a user has selected to download only the required files, the 'Keep On Device' option does not apply.