MS Dynamics 365 Integration: Usage Guide

Access, find and Share your Showell content, view Share Analytics and create presentations without leaving the MS Dynamics platform!

Showell within the MS Dynamics Sales Hub

Having Showell accessible directly from within your MS Dynamics Sales Hub significantly streamlines your workflow. You can easily Access the Showell App or share materials with leads, opportunities, or any contact in your CRM.

Showell Dynamics

Within the MS Dynamics Sales Hub side menu, users have a variety of options (Pages/Tabs) at their disposal for accessing the Showell app and sharing Showell materials. These options include the ability to easily Open Showell and explore all of its features, the capability to swiftly create and modify Shares, and the opportunity to view a comprehensive overview of all Shared materials created by both yourself and your colleagues. By utilizing the Share Analytics feature, conveniently located within the Dynamics Sales Hub, users can access valuable insights to make well-informed decisions.


1. "Open Showell" Page

Dynamics Open Showell

This page (side-menu tab) provides complete access to the Showell App and all of its features. You can easily navigate through the content structure and create engaging presentations as you would do with the regular Showell App.

From here, you can also seamlessly share materials with some advanced tweaks that will help you to keep track of your Shares within MS Dynamics.

For further details on these tweaks and the process of creating a Share in MS Dynamics, please proceed to Point 2 for more information ⬇️


2. "Share Files from Showell" Page

Dynamics Share From Showell

This page (side-menu tab) opens the 'Shares' section of the Showell App. Having eliminated all other features, you can focus on quickly selecting and sharing materials with your MS Dynamics contacts, leads or opportunities.

Create or edit shares

  1. To manage your share, follow the usual process of adding materials, writing a subject and message, and configuring options
  2. Additionally, type in any MS Dynamics contact you might have in the 'recipients' field
    1. You also have the flexibility to include email addresses of contacts who are not in your MS Dynamics system. However, please note that these emails will not be automatically created or tracked afterwards.
  3. Click 'Share' - This will open a new email message in your default email application (for example: Outlook). The recipients, subject, and message fields (with Share Link) are pre-filled for your convenience. However, you have the freedom to make any necessary changes and personalize the email according to your preferences.
  4. Success! Once you click the send button, your email is on its way. Any Showell Share Link you share via MS Dynamics will also be tracked. Proceed to Point 3 for more information ⬇️

3. "Showell Shares" Page

Dynamics Showell Shares

From this page (side-menu tab), you can access a comprehensive overview of all the Showell Shares and their analytics that you and your colleagues have created within MS Dynamics.

Each list item displays a Showell Share, its owner, relevant analytics data, and the Share link itself.

By clicking on the Share name, you can access additional information such as Visitor engagement. You also have the option to view the related Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities associated with the Share.


4. Access Showell Shares from any contact, lead or opportunity

Dynamics Contacts Showell Shares

When you navigate to a specific contact, lead, or opportunity within MS Dynamics, you can easily view a list of any associated Showell Share links.

Simply click on the 'Showell Shares' tab from your Contact, Lead, or Opportunity to access all the Showell Shares linked to them. Additionally, you can explore further details as outlined in Point 3.



How can I get the MS Dynamics integration?

MS Dynamics is a premium Showell integration. If you'd like to know more:

Can I use all Showell's features from within MS Dynamics?

Yes, Showell is embedded into MS Dynamics and it allows you to also open the Showell App, with all its features, from within.

Why do I need to sign in to Showell within MS Dynamics?

As Showell is an application of its own, you will have to login to Showell with your Showell credentials.

If in MS Dynamics, I create shares in Showell, will they be available on other Showell platforms?

Absolutely. You can access any share you create from Showell on the platform of your choosing.

🔔 Troubleshooting

Why am I unable to see Showell's share analytics and tracking data in MS Dynamics?

It takes about 1 hour for the Analytics to be available within MS Dynamics.

Why can't I find all the different Showell pages or tabs?

If the Showell App components in Dynamics have been customized by your Administrator, the names or locations of these pages and tabs may vary. For more specific details, reach out to your Administrators for assistance.