How to make your content private

Private content is only accessible for the creator of a view (and its subfolders) in Showell Admin and App, but is also accessible for the administrators in Showell Admin.

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If you have a DAM/Cloud integration, you are able to make this content private as well.

How to make a folder or existing view private

  1. Sign in to Showell Admin
  2. Browse to the view or folder you would like to make private
  3. Go to settings
  4. In the 'Privileges' section on the right side you can remove all groups by pressing the cross (situated on the right side of the group)*

*This is only possible if you are an administrator or are the creator of that view/folder.

How to make a new view private

  1. Sign in to Showell Admin
  2. Go to Files > New View
  3. Toggle private view to ON
    toggle new view to private
  4. Click Done