Slide Designer

Slide Designer allows you to quickly create e.g. a cover slide, agenda, or thank you page - and add it to your My Presentation deck! No need to leave Showell and use e.g. PowerPoint.


  • Create custom slides in seconds and add a personal touch to any presentation
  • Keeps brand consistent and in control
  • Save time on creating and uploading your own slides
  • Anyone can use - No special skills needed!
  • You can edit the templates also when offline
  • It's easy to combine with other material from within your Showell Account.
  • Slide designer will automatically change it's aspect ratio to the documents you are presenting! (based on the next document within your presentation)
    For example:
    • When presenting a vertically orientated PDF, your custom slide before this PDF will also be vertical.
    • When presenting a horizontally orientated PowerPoint, your custom slide before this Powerpoint will also be horizontal.
✋Use cases:
    • Create a cover slide with the customer's name and title
    • Create a summary slide: your offering, benefits, next steps
    • Create an ending slide with your contact details
    • Create a topic slide for a particular topic
    • Create an agenda slide for your meeting

How to get started with Slide designer

  • Slide designer can be used with the Showell App's presentation creator.
  • The design of your slides can be based on materials provided by you (for example with PowerPoint files) - Just ask us!
    • Showell will make sure the slides can be fully customized! For example: your colors, fonts, visual elements, text, size, background images, ...
    • Showell will implement them into your account, so it's accessible for all your users within the presentation creator.

➕ Slide designer is a Showell Add-on. If you'd like to know more:

💡 Slide Designer is activated and ready to be used?