How to use Slide Designer

Slide Designer allows you to quickly create e.g. a cover slide, agenda, or thank your page and add it to your presentation without having to leave Showell and use e.g. PowerPoint.

How Slide Designer works in practice


  • Request to purchase this additional feature if you haven't already
  • Open the Side Menu
  • Select My Presentations
  • Either edit an old presentation OR create a new one
  • Select the 1st box on the right titled Insert
  • Slide Designer will open up in a popup window
  • Choose your slide and edit the text to your liking
  • Press Done
  • Now you can move the order of this new cover slide!


  • Slide designer is an add-on feature and available for the Professional plan.
  • Slide Designer includes 1 branded template by default. Additional templates can be purchased from Showell to match your company brand look and feel.
  • Please contact for more information.