Microsoft 365 Office Editor: Information Guide

Sometimes it is useful to make minor adjustments to your sales presentations. From the Showell app you can open MS Office files with your MS applications, make changes to the document and save the updated version to Showell.

Microsoft 365 Office Editor

Important Notice 💡

You might have discovered that we currently offer two versions of Office Editor. You are correct!

As we continue to improve our services, the current Office Editor will be upgraded to a new version with enhanced features and better integration with your Microsoft 365 account.

Rest assured, we will support the current Office Editor throughout the transition to the new version until you, your company, and Workspace have fully made the change. All the functionalities of the old version will be available (and improved) in the updated version as well.

Once the full transition is complete, the old version will be retired.

Advantages of the MS 365 Office Editor

The MS Office editor is a valuable tool for sales representatives who need to quickly update their presentations while on the go or in between meetings. With Showell's MS Office Editor, there is no need to download and re-upload files, saving time and effort.

This feature allows for flexibility in customizing content directly within the app to meet the specific needs of each prospect. For instance, within Showell, you can easily create or open an MS PowerPoint document, make changes to the title and images, and save the updated version to your Showell Workspace/My Files.

Key differences

(Updated: June 2024)

Microsoft Office Desktop Editor (retiring):

For more information: MS Office Desktop Editor

  • Allows you to copy and edit Office files, that have been uploaded by yourself to your My Files, or by your Administrators to your Workspace. These edited files will be stored in your My Files
  • Only available with the Showell App for Windows and Office Desktop Apps.

Microsoft 365 Office Editor:

For more information: MS365 Office Editor

  • Allows you to create, and edit the created Office files directly from your My Files, or as an Admin; from any location in your Workspace.
  • Synced with your Microsoft 365 account. This ensures access from both Showell and your MS365 account.
  • Currently only available from Showell App for Web.

For more information, feel free to contact your dedicated Showell contact person or Showell Support.



How to I activate the MS Office Editor on my Showell Workspace?

MS Office editor is a Showell Add-on. If you'd like to know more:

What types of MS Office formats are compatible with the Editor Feature?

The MS Office Editor is compatible with PowerPoints, Excel, and Word documents.