How to add a link in your document to a file within Showell

Within a document, such as PDFs or PowerPoint, you can add links to files that are already in Showell

💡Good to know

  1. It is possible to add media within your document or presentation you are creating. However, these kind of files are mostly attached and can only be viewed correctly when using the correct software. For example:
    1. A 3D element embedded in a PDF can only be viewed when using a dedicated PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat
    2. A Video embedded in a PowerPoint might only work when presenting from MS Office PowerPoint
  2. In order to overcome obstacles like this, Showell provides the option of 'adding links to files within Showell'. The solution in a nutshell:
    1. Do not embed the item within your document right away
    2. Instead, upload the item(s), such as a media or 3D element, to Showell
    3. Within the document you are creating, create a link towards said item within Showell
    4. Upload your now finished document to Showell as well
    5. In the Showell App: When clicking the link within the document, it will now open the corresponding file from within the document.

How to add links to files within Showell

With providing the following video as an example, we will guide you on how to embed a link within a documents toward a file stored in Showell.

  • Upload items, such as media and 3D files, to Showell Admin
  • Open the item's setting and copy its link address
    • You can find the 'link address' on the right side under the 'About' Section
  • Navigate to the document you are working with and add the copied link address to a text or image
  • Upload the document to Showell Admin
  • As you open the document within the Showell App, you are now able to click the link text or image and the item will open within Showell.
    Tip: Using the 'back'-button, you can quickly go back to the document you are viewing