Can I merge multiple files to a single PDF?

Yes you can! By using our handy Presentation Creator you are able to merge multiple documents or files into a single PDF.

💡In order to merge files to a single PDF, you can use the Showell Presentation Creator within the Showell App.

  1. Create a presentation
  2. Save as PDF
➡️Note: this can only be done if all the documents in the presentation are shareable.

👉Tip: You can also quickly share your presentation (via email) as a PDF

Create a presentation

➡️For more information: How to create a presentation

  • Open 'My Presentations'
  • Navigate your content structure and select the content or individual document pages you would like to merge.
  • Click Done and give a name to your presentation

Save as PDF

➡️For more information: How to access and edit saved presentations

  • Click the 3 dots next to your newly created presentation
  • Click 'Save as PDF'
    • The PDF presentation will be saved to your My Files folder. Note that this might take a little while, depending on the size of your presentation.
  • By navigating to your My Files, you will find the merged PDF document in the folder 'Presentations (PDF)'.

💡Tip: You are able to share this PDF as any other file. 

How to share your presentation as a PDF

  • Click the 3 dots next to your newly created presentation
  • Click Share > Combine and share as PDF
    Combine and share as PDF
    • The presentation will be now automatically converted to a PDF
    • Your email app will open with the share link

💡Note: The PDF document will also be saved to your My Files, within the folder 'Presentations (PDF)'.