Combine multiple documents to a single file

By using our handy Presentation Creator you are able to merge multiple documents into a single file.

How to combine multiple documents to a single file

In order to do so, you can use the Showell Presentation Creator within the Showell App.

1. Open 'Presentations' from the Side menu

2. Create a new presentation and use the File Browser window to select the content or individual document pages you would like to merge.

3. Give a name to your presentation and Click Done.

4. Once you have created your presentation, it will be automatically saved as a unique file. This means you can easily present or share your presentation file in any way you prefer.



Am I able to share the combined file?

Yes, you are able to share this presentation as any other file.

Can I combine multiple file types?

As the presentation converts to a unique Presentation file, you can use any file type you like. However, when you share this presentation and allow downloading, it wil be downloaded by the recipients as a PDF where:

  • Documents and Images will be included
  • Videos and 3D Elements will be replaced with a 'Download'-Button