Live Copies: Usage Guide

The smart way to link content inside Showell. Control your content from one Master folder. Read more on how to do achieve this!

Recommendation and Case Example

Here's our recommended way to use Live Copies:

1. Start by creating a Master folder where you can organize all your content.

2. Within your Showell structure, create Live Copies that your users can access. These Live Copies are created from the files and folders stored within your Master folder.

3. Keep your Master folder as the central hub for updating and adding content. Any changes made here will automatically be reflected in all the Live Copies.

This approach ensures that your content is easily managed and consistently updated across all Live Copies.


Manage your Live Copies

Create a Live Copy

Once you have successfully set up your Master Folder and added all the necessary content, you can begin creating live copies from these folders/files within your Workspace. Here's how:

1. In Showell Admin, navigate to the folder you'd like to add the Live Copy

2. In the top right corner, click Add > Add files/folders as Live Copies

3. Choose the file/folder and click OK

Update your Live Copy

To update your Live copies, make sure to make changes only to the Master file/folder itself, not the Live Copy. This ensures that the Live Copy is not detached from its Master. Making changes to the Master comes with the additional benefit that it will reflect in all its Live Copies.

  • When viewing a Live copy, you will be able to navigate quickly to it's Master file/folder by clicking 'Edit master' on the yellow banner located within the Live Copy itself.edit master of live copy
  • When viewing the Master file/folder, you will be able to navigate quickly to (one of its) Live Copies, by clicking the path name, located in the top right of the original file/folder settings. You can also see if a live copy has been copy locations




What's the difference between Live Copies, Copies or Links?

We offer a detailed article that explains the advantages and provides in-depth information on the distinctions between Live Copies, Copies, and Links.

How do I enable Live Copies on my Showell Workspace?

"Live Copies" is a Showell Add-on, that is free with the Professional Plan. If you'd like to know more: