How to organize content with Live Copies

The smart way to link content inside Showell. Control your content from one Master folder. Read more to find out how to get started!

➕ Live Copies is a Showell Add-on. If you'd like to know more:

🔔How to get started with Live Copies?

This article will give a great example on how to use Live Copies, but to quickly sum it up, we recommend to use Live Copies the following way:

  1. Create one Master folder where you put all your content into place.
  2. Create Live Copies into your Showell structure for your users to see (The Live Copies are made from files/folders that are stored within your Master folder)
  3. Only update and add content in your Master folder, This will reflect on all it's live copies elsewhere.

    How do I create a Live Copy?

    • In Showell Admin, navigate to the view/folder you'd like to add the Live Copy
    • In the top right corner, click Add > Add files/folders as Live Copies
    • Choose the file/folder and click OK


    • When viewing a Live copy, you will be able to navigate quickly to it's original file/folder by clicking 'Edit master' on the yellow banner located within the Live Copy itself.
      edit master of live copy
    • When viewing the original file/folder, you will be able to navigate quickly to (one of its) Live Copies, by clicking the path name, located in the top right of the original file/folder settings. You can also see if a live copy has been trashed.
      live copy locations

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