Set a File Expiration date

It is easy to manage your time sensitive content with setting an expiration date!

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Set expiration date

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Set expiration date


Content expiration date

When you set an expiration date for your content, for example contents with a time-limited discount, it will be automatically removed from your Workspace after the specified date. Don't worry though, the document will be moved to the trash folder where it will stay for 60 days before being permanently deleted. During this time, the document will still be accessible in any existing shares.

One important thing to note is that if you upload a new document with the same name to the same folder where the deleted document was originally placed, the deleted document will be removed from any existing shares. So, make sure to keep this in mind when managing your content.


Showell App for Web

Set expiration date

File Expiration

1. In the Showell App for Web, Open 'Edit'-Mode and navigate to the content you would like to set an expiration date

2. Go to the file's settings

3. Toggle the File Expiration option to ON and choose a date

4. Click Save

Manage multiple files simultaneously

When you choose multiple files by ticking the checkbox next to them, you can easily apply actions to all the chosen items at once. This feature allows you to set expiration dates for multiple documents simultaneously.

Once the checkboxes are ticked, you'll see managing options at the bottom of your screen. Click the 3 dots and choose 'Modify Properties' > Set expiration date > 'Save'.

For more information: Manage your Contents


Showell Admin

Set expiration date


1. In Showell Admin, navigate to the content you would like to provide with an expiration date

2. Open the file settings

3. In the About section on the right side, you are able to choose the 'Expires'-date

4. Click Save changes

Alternatively, you can also set an expire date for multiple documents at the same time:

1. In Showell Admin, navigate to the contents you would like to provide with an expiration date

2. Select all the files by checking the ✔️-mark in the top right corner of the file/folder

3. A taskbar will pop-up at the bottom > Click Settings

4. Under Expires: Choose an expire date or leave blank to remove or have no expire date



Will I receive some type of warning before a file expires?

The owner of the document will receive an email warning 48 hours before the removal of the file and a confirmation after the file has been removed.