Kiosk-mode is a PIN-coded lock for your screen where your customer is free to browse either single or multiple files and folders of your choosing. Used typically with a tablet stand in trade shows and events.

Activate Kiosk-mode

Showell 2019-07-16 14-53-11_Trim
  • Tap Tools in the Top Menu and then Kiosk
  • Choose a PIN code and tap Start Kiosk

To exit Kiosk-mode

  • Select the top menu
  • Select the kiosk icon
  • Unlock using the correct PIN code
  • Select End Kiosk

Tip: Autoplay is located under the keypad. Set the transition time and Showell will autoplay your presentation.

Important: For iOS devices, remember to also turn on ‘Guided Access’ from iPad/iPhone’s own settings page: Use Guided Access with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch