File sharing

Share files or folders to anyone's email address with a few clicks.

Important: You must have your email account configured in your devices’ settings to be able to use the sharing via email functionality.

How to share files

  • Select the files that you’d like to share by checking the files' tickbox in it's top right corner
  • Select Share from the bottom menu
  • Add in all the necessary information
  • Select Share

Download page

Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 15.44.36

  • Your recipient will receive a link to a download page that has all your shared content
  • It will display your colors and logo if you have already set them via Showell Admin's account settings page

Content Share tracking


  • When a prospect/customer downloads the file you've shared with them you will receive a notification email. 
  • You get valuable information about the level of interest of your prospect/customer has if they do or do not download the material you've shared with them.
  • A download notification also works as a good reminder to follow up with the prospect/customer at the right time.

Tip: If a salesperson doesn't want to track their shares you can disable the notifications from them.

To disable Content Share Tracking

New Tab - Google Chrome 10_10_2019 14_18_55 (2)

  • Go to Admin 
  • Select the user who wishes to opt out of share tracking
  • Disable the notifications

Tip: To disable the feature from the entire account please contact us at