Admin: How to navigate your content

Find your content by using the menu bar or breadcrumb navigation

💡There are multiple options to navigate your content quickly with Showell Admin. Make the best use of  ...

For more information:

The menu bar on the top of your screen

  • Click the Files menu
  • Select the circle tab with the arrow to go deeper into the content chain


Breadcrumb trail and 'Reveal in files menu'-option

reveal in file menu overview

  • Underneath the title of the view/folder/file your are in, is the breadcrumb trail where you can choose what part of the content chain to go to
    reveal in file menu zoomed in
  • Select the arrow icon on the left of the breadcrumb trail to see the exact location of the content you're viewing within the Files menu
    reveal in file menu arrow


Quick return to your home page

quick return by clicking logo

  • Select the Showell icon in the top left of the menu bar to return to your home page