Can I manage who see's what content in the same Showell account?

Yes you can! By using group privileges.

💡As a Showell Administrator you are able to organize viewing settings so that the users of your choice can only see content that relevant to them. This is done by setting group privileges.

What's the logic?

Showell users are associated/attached to groups. And groups are in turn associated/attached to views (master folders) and to sub folders.
In other words, you are placing users into groups and in turn giving groups permission to view certain folders or views.

➡️For example:

If you have a dealer from USA, you can set up permissions so that, when this user logs into your account, they will only see your USA sales content in Showell App.

How do i do this?

  1. Create groups e.g. according to your industry, area or country sections: Top Menu > Admin > Groups > New Group)
  2. Add the relevant users to these groups: Open the group > Add users
  3. Opening the settings page of the folder or view you wish to add groups to and under the Privileges section, select Add group
  4. After the user refreshes their Showell App (update button in App's top menu), they should only see content you've chosen for them