Getting started with Showell

Showell is an easy, powerful and lightning-fast Sales Enablement Platform for creating, presenting, sharing and tracking sales materials.



See how Showell works:

Showell Admin

Showell Admin is the online Content Management Tool.

Showell Admin preview

What you do in Admin:

  • Manage and organize your sales content
    ➡️ For example: brochures, data sheets, PowerPoint slides, videos images..
  • Create users, groups and set permissions
  • Track the analytics of how the content is presented and shared within the Showell App
  • Manage account settings and branding

How to start:

  1. Access Showell Admin by going to
  2. Check your Account settings and update your company logo and colors.
  3. Upload and organize your sales, marketing and training materials.
  4. Showell is a platform for your entire organization:
    1. Add users and set user permissions based on their role.
    2. If you need to divide your user base to smaller teams, you can create groups and set up group permissions to manage group specific content even better. 

For more information:
➡️ Have a look at the Introduction to Showell Admin to learn how to navigate the Admin panel, and discover all the features and possibilities!

Showell App

The Showell App is a Sales Enablement App where you can find, present and share your content, and it's available on Windows, iOS, Android devices and any browser!

Showell app preview

What you do in Showell App:

  • Browse and search content
  • Show and create Customer-Driven Presentations
  • Share presentations and content to your customers
  • Analyse how your share is being interacted with
  • Use Smart Tools
    ➡️ For example: 3D models, calculators, configurators, surveys, lead capturing..

How to start:

  1. Download the Showell App or use Showell App for Web from any browser.
  2. Login to the Showell App, using your own credentials.
    1. If you have received an email invitation from your Showell Administrator: Follow the instructions provided to set up your user account.
    2. If your Showell Administrator has created an account for you, they will provide you with a login and password. You can then change your password within the app.
  3. Get familiar with the basic controls and gestures of the app.
  4. Create your first presentation and share it with your clients.
  5. Go to My Shares and see who's been looking at your shared content and for how long.

For more information:
➡️ Have a look at the Introduction to Showell App to learn how to navigate the Showell app, and discover all the features and possibilities!

Experiencing issues? Can't login?
➡️ Have a look at our troubleshooting page!