How do I add a user to my account if they already exist as a Showell user?

If you attempted to create a new user to your account but get an error message saying "this user already exists", then please read this article.

💡 Many users have access to multiple Showell Accounts.

A user may have already signed up with Showell using the exact same username and email address as they have access to another account (for example: as a dealer working for another company).

Therefore it is not possible to create a user account for a user that already exists.

The Solution

You can "Invite" the already existing user(s) to your account with the User Invitation feature!

Important to know

The Showell signup webpage the user(s) will receive in their mailbox is part of the Showell App for Web.

When the user already has an existing Showell account, they need to make sure that:

  • Before clicking the invite link, the user is not signed in to the Showell App for Web on their other account
  • After clicking the invite link, they choose: 'Sign in.'

The user will now be able to join the new account by using their already existing credentials and gain access to both accounts.

invitation login preview in showell app


🔔 Note: If the user you'd like to invite has access with a custom domain (SSO), Please make contact with your company IT or contact Showell Support.