Add users

Create user accounts for all your sales reps, marketers and anyone needing access to your sales materials. View user info and give individual permissions to what content can be accessed.

Note: You have to be an administrator to access user information

Add users

Admin_Adding users
  • Select Admin from the top menu
  • Select Users
  • Inside the users page, select the blue New User tab in the far right of the page

Edit & Delete users

Admin_Deleting a User
  • To edit your new user: Simply click on the user itself to view their information
  • To delete a user: Select the red delete button located in the top right of a users Settings page

See: How to add users to groups

User Invitations

Inviting users to your accounts is finally in the hands of account administrators. Perfect for mass-inviting, not just internal, but also external users such as dealers, distributors, and other 3rd party users. Safely control who, and how many people can join and from which domains.

How to invite?

user invitations
  • Go to
  • In the top menu go to Admin / User Invitations
  • Select New Invitation
  • Select the Role of the user and the Invitation Type
  • Type in or paste the email addresses or the domains
  • Create a custom message to the new users
  • Select the group(s) that the users will be joining
  • Set an expiration date 
  • Enable/disable email notifications for accepted invites


Note: This function may not be enabled by default. Please contact sales@showell.comor for more information.