App: How to upload and manage your content

Managing your content is a breeze with the create folders, upload files and content management options.

Discover how to:


  • These features are currently only available for Administrators using the Showell Online App
  • These features are available for everyone on every device, using My Files.
  • It is not possible to add folders/files or make changes to the homepage.

How to create folders and/or upload files

  • Navigate to the view or folder where you would like to add new folders and/or files.
  • Click the ➕plus in the bottom right corner
  • Click on 'Add Folder' to add a new folder.
  • Click on 'Add File' to add a new file.
  • Click on ''Add a web link' to add a link to a website

How to upload files/folders using the drag-and-drop feature

Simply drag your content into the location you want to place it:

💡The drop location will become blue tinted and inform you about the content being added

  • You can drag and drop multiple files at once
  • You can include folders and sub-folders
  • You can continue navigating while your content is being uploaded in the background
  • You can also drag and drop straight into a specific folder: simply hover over the folder you'd like to place the content in.

How to manage your folders and files


Clicking the 3 dots under each file or folder, gives you the following options:

  • Rename your file or folder
  • Move your files or folders around and create an organized structure
  • Remove your files or folders if you have no need for them any more
  • Copy your files or folders, this can be handy if you wish to edit your files, but keep an original.


  • All content that is added/edited this way will be visible for all the users of your Showell account.
  • If you have a lot of content to upload and organize, you can neatly do so with Showell Admin.
  • These options are available on all platforms and for everyone, when using My Files!