Augmented Reality Support

Bring your 3D models to life within Showell. AR Support lets you to see and explore 3D objects in a real world surrounding without leaving Showell.

3D models in Showell

Augmented Reality_Trim

Compatible hardware is required. AR is available for iPad 2017 or newer and iPhone 8 or newer.

How does it work?

  • The Showell AR Support is compatible with an iPad 2017 or newer or an iPhone 8 or newer. 
  • The supported file format for 3D models is .usdz
  • There are multiple tools which you can use to convert your 3D-models to the right format. For example: 
    Apple Reality Converter

How to upload

  1. Simply upload your .usdz 3D models to any folder or view in Showell.
  2. Open your AR model in the Showell App by tapping the icon (see video).

If you need help with AR, please contact Showell Support: