Augmented Reality Support

Bring your 3D models to life within Showell. AR Support lets you see and explore 3D objects in a real world surrounding without leaving Showell.

👍AR gives you the freedom of viewing your 3D content in the real world:
This means you can place that lamp on your desk, a tractor in your neighbors field or your dream-car into your garage.

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➡️How to upload an AR/3D file to Showell

  • Simply upload the AR file(s) to Showell Admin as you would with any other file.

💡What are the requirements?

  • Showell's AR is compatible with:
    • iPad 2017 or newer
    • iPhone 8 or newer. 
  • The supported file format for AR/3D models is .usdz
  • There are multiple tools which you can use to convert your 3D-models to the right format. For example: