Implementing 3D/AR Elements

3D models can be implemented in various ways. This article will cover all the possible options.

3D files

3D View Settings

One of the great features of 3D files in Showell is that they are visible everywhere, whether it's in the digital Sales Room, on the web, or through native apps. You can showcase your 3D content to clients and customers across various platforms.

Additionally, you have the option to add background images for your 3D contents. To do this, create a 'skyboxes' folder in your Applications resources and upload the background images you want to use with your 3D files.

Showell offers a range of 3D settings that you can apply within the Showell App. These settings allow you to customize and enhance the viewing experience of your 3D files.

When it comes to file types, we recommend using GLB, FBX, or U3D. However, Showell can automatically convert many other file types to GLB when you upload them. For optimal results, it is still recommended to convert your 3D files in advance to GLB using software applications like Blender, Autodesk, or SolidWorks. This ensures that your files are ready to be showcased seamlessly in Showell.


Smart Tools (Web Apps)

In addition to 3D files, Showell allows you to create Smart Tools that enhance your 3D elements by offering additional options. These options include for example providing informative texts, swapping product colors, or breaking down the 3D object into more detailed elements. giving you the flexibility to customize and showcase your 3D content in a dynamic and interactive way.

Smart Tools also offer a wide range of other features such as calculators, forms, and configurators.

Creating a Smart Tool can be more complex compared to a stand-alone 3D file. To assist you in this process, we provide a guide on how to create Smart Tools. Alternatively, you can reach out to Showell for assistance as we also offer a development service specifically for Smart Tools.


AR files (Augmented Reality)

Augmented Reality files are a fantastic way to showcase your 3D content in a real-world environment. With AR, you have the freedom to view your 3D content in a way that feels immersive and lifelike. Imagine being able to place a lamp on your desk, a tractor in your neighbor's field, or even your dream car in your own garage. AR brings your 3D models to life and allows you to interact with them in the context of your everyday surroundings.

AR/3D files do come with some requirements:

  • This is only available to view with iPad and iPhone that are released in 2017 or later
  • The supported file format is USDZ. Keep in mind that there are multiple tools which you can use to convert your 3D-models to the right format. For example: Apple Reality Converter, viewAR or Designar



How do I upload 3D files, Smart Tools or AR files to Showell?

To upload your contents to Showell, simply upload it as you would for any other file.