Showell Add-in for Outlook

With this Add-in, You have the ability to easily create Share Links, and send them directly from Outlook!

Showell Add-in for Outlook

Showell in Outlook

With this free Add-in, you can conveniently access Showell while composing an email. This means you can open Showell on the side and seamlessly create a new Share Link or add an existing one to the email you are writing. By doing so, you eliminate the need to constantly switch between the two applications or attach files to your email in the traditional way.

This integration between Showell and Outlook streamlines your workflow, saving you time and effort. Instead of toggling between different windows or searching for files to attach, you can simply open Showell alongside your email and instantly access the content you need. Whether you want to share a new presentation, sales collateral, or any other document, the Showell Add-in for Outlook makes it quick and easy.

Showell Plus Outlook

Installation Guide

There are multiple ways to install the Showell Add-in to Outlook.

Option A: Download the Add-in with the following link:

Option B: Install the Showell Add-in directly from Outlook. Depending on the Outlook version you utilize, instructions for this can vary:

  • Search for 'Get Add-ins' from the Home tab, OR select 'File' > 'Manage Add-ins', OR click 'All/More Apps' > 'Add Apps'
  • From the Add-Ins dialog; Search for 'Showell'
  • After you have selected 'Showell', follow the instructions to install the add-in.

  • For more information: Installing Office Add-ins to your mailbox


Usage Guide

Accessing the Showell App from Outlook

Accessing Showell through Outlook can vary based on the version of Outlook you are using and the device you have. The guidelines provided here focus on "New Outlook for Windows", which is most commonly used.

For assistance using a different version, feel free to contact Showell Support.

Showell App Icon in Outlook

1. Start by composing a new email

2. Click the 'Apps' icon > Open 'Showell for Outlook' App

3. The Showell App will now open alongside your Outlook Message. Login with your Showell user account credentials or Custom Domain (SSO) to access your Workspace.

Add your Showell Share Link

Once you have opened the Showell Add-in, you are ready to add an existing share, or create a new one.

Attach Share to Email Outlook

1. Showell will display all the Shares you have created. Simply click the share you would like to include in the Message, or choose '+ Create share'.

2. Manage your Share as you normally do within the Showell App: Manage/Add files, provide Share details and set your preferences.

3. Click 'Attach to email' when you are ready

4. The Share Link is now added to the Outlook Message. Make sure to add a recipient and subject, and you are ready to send the email!

  • Keep in mind that you can only add one Share Link per email message. If you try to add another link, you will be prompted to replace the previously added Share Link.


    💡 FAQ

    Which versions of Outlook are compatible with the Showell Add-In?

    • Windows: Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, Microsoft 365, 2021 or later
    • Mac: Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019, Microsoft 365, 2021 or later
    • Outlook on the Web

    Outlook for Phones & Tablets (iOS and Android) do not support Add-Ins for email message composition, and are therefore not supported.

    Can I add Showell to the 'Quick Access Toolbar'?

    Yes, but it depends on your Outlook version.

    • In Outlook, Click File > Options > 'Quick Access Toolbar'
    • With 'Choose commands from:' choose 'All Commands'
    • From the left column search 'Showell for Outlook'. Select it and Click 'Add >>'. Once this is done, click 'OK'

    Am I able to swap between Workspaces while in Outlook?

    Absolutely! You can easily switch between different workspaces just like you do in the main Showell App. In the Showell Add-In, simply click on the hamburger icon located in the top left corner to open the side menu. Then, click on the 'Workspace' icon located in the bottom left corner and choose the workspace that you want to switch to.

    Where can I find the "Showell for Outlook" Privacy Policy?

    You can access the Privacy Policy on our Website.