Admin: How to search and filter content

Use the search tool if you'd quickly want to search for a file, folder, view or user. You can also apply filters, and quickly find content with similar settings.

💡In Showell Admin, find out how to ...

How to search

Search in Admin

  • Select the 🔍magnifying glass in the top right of the top menu
  • Search for any file, folder, view or user

How to filter your content

filter in admin

  • Navigate to any view or folder you'd like to filter it's content
  • Click the Filter option and filter your content by marking the check-boxes
    • Language: If the 'Language filtering/folder translations'-feature is enabled, you will be able to filter your content according to it's language tag
    • Sharing: Choose to find content that is (not) allowed to be shared
    • Type: Choose to only view files or folders