Optimizing video content for Showell

Videos that are optimized save space and time.

multiscreen video example

WHY you should optimize your videos

Video files are often unnecessarily large. When you have e.g. 50 videos in your Showell account, and each are 500MB in size. That’s 25GB in total. That is also how much data is transferred when new users  install and open their Showell App for the first time. Every user also needs to have enough space on their device to store those 25GB. Even if they have the required space, downloading the files is going to take long time. 

By optimizing your videos you can bring down the file size of each video significantly and therefore decrease the size of your Showell account dramatically. Launching Showell for your users is a lot easier and faster and a lot of space is saved from their devices. By optimizing your content you're improving the user experience of your team significantly.

How to optimize your videos (quick steps)

  1. Optimal video settings

    • Format: mp4
    • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 resolution
    • Frame rate: 30 or 60 fps
    • Bit rate: 8-12 Mbps
  1. Choose a video optimizing tool 

    1. Cloud Convert (web-based tool)
    2. Handbrake (desktop tool)
  2. Keep on Device

    1. If you cannot compromise with the size/length or using an optimization tool, then use our Keep on device feature

1. Things that you should consider

    1. Optimal video settings
    2. By reducing the file size you can save a lot of time (and nerves!) from the initial set up process. By choosing a common video file format (.mov, .wmv, .mp4, .m4v, .3gp, .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .asf, .flv) you can be sure that the video will play on all different devices.
    1. Consider the length and video quality before exporting (if you are creating the video) e.g. If you want a sharper video when used on a big screen - use 4K or 1080p instead of 720p 
    1. If your company has a primary device that is used by the entire organization, it is easy to optimize your videos to match the aspect ratio of that device. For example if you're using an iPad, you would use 4:3 on all of your videos.
    2. Frame rate depends a lot on the actual content of the video. Use 30 frames per second if you don't have much movement in your video. 60 frames per second is a good option if you have lots of movement e.g. people walking/running.

2. Optimization tools

There are various tools you can use to optimize your videos. We have found Handbrake to work really well for our video optimization needs. We have also made a step-by-step guide on how to optimize your videos using the tool. See: How to use HandBrake

Examples of optimization/converting tools:

3. Keep on device

If you cannot compromise with the size/length or using an optimization tool, then use our Keep on device feature.

Note: There is no file upload limit when uploading to Showell Admin.
For fast and easy usage with Showell we still highly recommend optimizing content so that users don't have to download large amounts of content to their devices (saving space!).