How to use Handbrake

Compress, convert and edit videos for a smoother and easier video experience in Showell

➡️ Download the app

Handbrake works on Windows / Mac / Linux computers.
Download the app from here: Download Handbrake

Insert your video to Handbrake

Handbrake insert video

  • Select the Open Source tab to add a video or just drag and drop and video anywhere into the window

Use "MP4" format

Handbrake mp4 format

  • Using MP4 File will ensure that the video will work on all devices (.mov does not work on android devices)
  • The boxes ticked below Format will help the video to run smoother e.g. fixing missing frames & immediate playback

Set the storage size

Handbrake storage size

  • Showell will automatically reduce the size of a video - however the best size for a video is 1920 X 1080  (HD)

Set the Framerate (FPS)Handbrake framerate

  • Use 30 frames per second if you don't have so much movement in your video
  • Use 60 frames per second if you have lots of movement e.g. people walking/running

OR use "Presets" for pre-made video settings

handbrake presets

  • Presets are pre-made video settings made for certain devices or situations
  • A common preset that works well for most videos is under General called Fast 1080p30

Choose where the encoded file will go...

handbrake save location

  • Select the Browse tab to choose where your encoded file will go
  • Select the Start tab to begin the encoding process

    Cropping Tip:

    • If you've recorded from e.g. a tablet (different aspect ratio like 4:3) the video might have black areas around the video if it's exported with the typical 16:9.
    • Under Dimensions tab, in the Cropping section you can see that HandBrake automatically removes these black areas. If you want to keep the black boxes, just reset the numbers to 0.

      handbrake cropping tip