Can I move/copy content to another account?

Yes you can! Read below to have the right settings enabled.

💡Must know:

  • You need access to Showell Admin on both accounts in order to move/copy content
  • Even if you are an Admin on both accounts, you can only be an 'active' Admin on one account at a time - this means that you will be (by default) a 'user with restricted Admin rights'. on the account you are copying/moving content to.
    • Make sure that the folder you are copying content to has 'Write' Privileges for a group you are part of
    • OR make sure you are the owner of the folder
      ➡️ You can change ownership of a folder by going to its settings/About.
      content owner
  • Copying files will keep the original file in its location.
  • Moving files will fully remove the file from its location.
  • For more information: How to (bulk) manage your content

How to move/copy content to another account

  • Select the files you want to move by checking their tick boxes
  • Choose Move or Copy from the task bar that pops up at the bottom of the screen
  • In order to move content between accounts, you have to click the arrow down arrow down, next to the account's name. Once clicked, a drop-down will appear will all the accounts you have access to. Choose the account you'd like to move the content to.
    change account arrow
  • Select a view/folder of choice and click OK