How to use website links

Tap on a website link and start navigating easily while staying inside Showell.

➡️Opening a website link within Showell is as easy as opening any document: Simply give it a click!

  • Website links will open up inside of Showell
  • You can navigate the website freely, just as you would do using any browser
  • You can also share website links with your prospects
  • Use left and right arrows in the top right of your screen to navigate

💡Admin? Learn more on how to create links to files and webpages

How to open and navigate a website link

  • Navigate in your Showell App to the web-link and click/tap it
  • You can now easily navigate the website as in any browser
  • Use the arrows in the top right corner to navigate back and forth, or click Tools to:
    • Share the web-link
    • Open in browser