Can I access the Showell App with a link?

Yes! You can access the Showell App using a universal- or deep-link. It is also possible to access other apps from withing Showell!

💡What is a universal or deep-link?

A universal or deep-link is a link that will automatically open an app instead of a web page. Deep-links can also be fine-tuned to go to a specific area within the app.

👆This article will inform you on:

How to universal/deep-link Showell

In your company it might come in handy to add a link to the Showell App within your internal communication channels. This link can simply open the app, or you can create a link that goes to a specific file or folder within the app.

This is how it works:

  • Link address:
    • showell:// is the deep-link that will simply open the Showell app

    • is a universal-link that will provide an option page to open Showell with a Showell Native App (Windows, iOS, Android) or with Showell App for Web. (Showell Native App will open automatically if the Showell App is installed on the device and permissions have been granted earlier)

    • 💡 Make sure the change 'ACCOUNTNAME' with your own Showell Account name.
  • If you'd like to open a specific file or folder, simply add it's path to the link.

    ➡️ For example:

    • You are able to find the path within Showell Admin:

      • Navigate to the file or folder you would like to create a link for

      • Open it's Settings

      • Copy the 'Link address' in the about section

        copy link address

      • Replace the first part of the link address with the universal- or deep-link.
        For example:
        http://showell/files/Brochures ➡️ showell://files/Brochures
        http://showell/files/Brochures ➡️

How to deep-link other apps within Showell

It might come in handy to place common used apps as a link within Showell itself.

Consult the app's support or help center to learn more about their deep-linking possibilities.
  • Generally most apps can be opened with the following deep-link: appname://
  • You can also fine tune these deep-links to go to a specific area within the app.
  • To open the Slack application, you add the following link: slack://
  • To open the LinkedIn application, you add the following link: linkedin://

➡️For more information on how to create links: