Access Showell App or its contents using a Link

Access the Showell App, or contents within, by using a Link (URL). Or open up other apps from withing Showell.

Open the Showell App, or its contents, with a link

Share direct links (URLs) with your Showell Workspace Users to instantly open the Showell App. These links can open the app itself or take users directly to a specific file or folder within the app. Share these links for example through your company's internal communication channels for easy access.

How to open the Showell App

There are 3 link options you can utilize to open the Showell App:

1. A Regular link is the URL you copy from your browser address bar. This link will open the Showell App for Web.

2. A Universal link will provide options to open the Showell Native Apps (Windows, iOS or Android) or the Showell App for Web. If the Showell App is installed on the device and permissions have been granted earlier, the Showell Native App will open automatically.

  • Make sure to change 'WORKSPACE' with your own Showell Workspace name.

3. A Deep link will open the Showell Native App (Windows, iOS or Android). You only need to use:

  • showell://

How to open content in the Showell App

If you'd like to create a link, that will open a specific file or folder inside the Showell App, you can do so by adding its path to a regular, universal or deep link.

Step 1: Find the Path:

There are several methods you can use to locate and copy the path of the file or folder you want to create a link for:

  • Option A: Navigate to the file or folder within the Showell App for Web > Copy the Link/URL from the browser Address bar
  • Option B: Navigate to the file or folder within the Showell App for Web > 'Edit'-Mode > Open the file or folder's Properties Settings > Scroll down to 'Filename & Link' and copy the link/URL
  • Option C: Navigate to the file or folder within Showell Admin > Open it's Settings > Copy the 'Link address' under the About section

Step 2: Add the Path to a regular, universal or deep link:

Now that you have found the Path, you can tweak it to make sure it fits with the outcome you desire. This means you only take the end part, starting from "files/", and add it to one of the above mentioned link options:

  3. showell://files/Energy/Solutions/Products.pdf


How to link towards other apps from within Showell

It can be useful to include links to commonly used apps within Showell itself. To learn more about how these apps can be (deep/universal-)linked, consult the support or help center of the respective app.

  • Most apps can be opened with the following deep-link: appname://
  • You can also fine tune these links to go to a specific area within the app.
  • Learn more on how you can add links within Showell to external content: Create links


  • To open the Slack application: slack://
  • To open the LinkedIn application: linkedin://




What is a universal or deep-link?

A universal or deep-link is a link that will automatically open an app instead of a web page. Deep-links can also be fine-tuned to go to a specific area within the app.

How do I create links within Showell?

The following article, how to create links in Showell, will provide a step-by-step guide