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You'll find details on newest Showell releases here. Make sure you have the newest app version installed.

May 2020: New Showell Release - iOS, Windows, Android & Admin 7.0.0.

Showell App

  • New navigation bar with gradient background
  • New modal style for Note, Notification and CRM features
  • New Kiosk feature, with Idle Mode (resets app to selected presentation after idle timeout)
  • The list of favourites is now sortable
  • New language, Spanish, has been added
  • Enhanced Meeting feature
  • Completely revised Notification feature, now including support for "priority" notifications, formatting, links and more
  • General improvements, like faster navigation

Showell Admin

  • Major changes to group management
    • performance improvements for accounts with a lot of groups
    • streamlined group privilege adjustments
  • Notifications have gone through major changes
    • Admin can send Priority Notifications, that user must react to. The notification pops up each time the app is opened, until user has read it, or acted on it (if custom action is specified, see below).
    • Notifications can include one custom action, which can be used in tandem with priority setting to for instance ask user’s consent to some policy.
    • Notification list contains activity information: how many times users have read notification, removed it or acted on it (if custom action is set).
  • Various small improvements

March 2020: New Showell Release - iOS 5.4.1, Windows 5.4.1, Android 6.5.1.

  • Faster updates on large acccounts
  • Time estimation for updates
  • Fix for drawing feature
  • Fix for language support issue

February 2020: New Showell Release - iOS 5.3.3, Windows 5.3.3, Android 6.4.2, Admin 5.4.0.

  • Corporate support for OpenID login
  • Fixes for advanced tag search
  • Videos are muted when the device is muted (iOS)
  • Fixed Android image opening issues
  • Share links can now be copied in Showell Admin
  • New settings for themes support in Showell Admin

January 2020: New Showell Release - iOS 5.3.0, Windows 5.3.1, Android 6.4.1.

  • Augmented Reality support (for compatible hardware)
  • The Zoom Out button has been replaced with Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons
  • The Showroom has improved keyboard usage (Esc, left, right etc.) and also a number of other important fixes (e.g. when rotating the device)
  • Improvements to Slide Designer including the correct aspect ratio (16:9, 4:3), support for multiple images and pre-filled content (e.g. user signatures and email addresses)
  • File locations are now shown in the search results
  • Fixed issue using "Share by email" on some Windows devices
  • Fixed related issue using "Open in browser" on some Windows devices
  • General fixes and improvements

December 2019: New Showell Release - iOS 5.2.0, Windows 5.2.0, Android 6.3.0.

  • Windows: user can now open Showell in fullscreen mode and return back to normal mode (default is normal mode)
  • iOS: fixed issues with swipe navigation on iOS 13.x
  • Android: fixed issue, where web contents occasionally opened as a black screen
  • Android: fixed issue with using Android's back button
  • Web pages now open within Showell (not in browser)
  • Recent Files now contains list of both Recently Added and Recently Viewed files
  • Improved usability of the Notes feature
  • Fixed issue with opening presentation that has lost one or more of its files
  • Fixed issue, where Kiosk feature was not available when viewing video
  • Fixed issue with erasing drawings

November 2019: New Showell Release - iOS 5.1.1, Windows 5.1.2, Android 6.2.2. 

  • Improved usability of Share feature
  • Improved usability on iPhone X
  • New language: Italian
  • Presentations can now be duplicated
  • List of selected files is now available under Favorites menu
  • Optimized performance
  • Windows fixed edit-in bug and application also runs now in fullscreen

October 2019: New Showell Release - iOS 5.0.1, Windows 5.0.1, Android 6.1.

  • Copy share link: tap a button to get a share link to clipboard
  • Email client selection: the first time an user shares documents,
    the app asks which available email client they want to use (if more than one available)
  • New Showell Analytics: collects data to both old and new analytics
  • iPhone fixes: removed CRM features, fixed login screen layout
  • Faster Slide Designer slides: the slides with large images open a lot faster
  • Video player toolbar autohide: video player toolbar hides automatically after 3 seconds
  • Fixed issues with wallpapers not updating correctly 
  • Internally uses our Typescript version of the app

Available for iPad, iPhone, Android tablet/phones and Windows 10 PC/tablets


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