Download Hub

This Smart Tool Add-on gives you the opportunity to download multiple files/folders or thumbnails at once.

How to use the Download Hub

The download Hub is a Smart Tool component/file you can place anywhere in your Workspace.

Download Hub

1. Once the download hub has been added to your Workspace in the desired location, open the Download Hub

2. Select the folders/files you'd like to download by checking the checkbox. Clicking the folders will navigate deeper into your content structure.

3. Choose your options:

  • Download files: As Showell automatically converts your files to the most suited file type for showcasing your content, this option will let you download the files as they are available in Showell. For example: a PPTX file uploaded to Showell is converted to PDF, and therefore will be downloaded as a PDF file.
  • Download originals: This will download the original file type of the file.
  • Download thumbnails: This will download the file and folder thumbnails.

4. Click 'Download x total'

5. Once the download starts, you'll see its progress 'downloading x/x..' with the option to cancel the downloads at any time.


How can I obtain the Download Hub?

The Download Hub is a Showell Smart Tool Add-on. If you'd like to know more:

What content can I download to my device?

The Download Hub is able to download all content you have access/privileges to on your Workspace, including your My Files.

Do I need to keep the Download Hub open, while it is downloading content?

It is important the Download Hub remains open while the download is ongoing. Closing the Download Hub or navigating to another location in the Showell Web App, will stop the download. You can freely minimize the Showell Web App or navigate to other browser tabs or applications while the Download Hub remains open in the background.

🔔 Troubleshooting


Why can't I open the Download Hub?

The Download Hub works with the Showell App for Web only.

I've downloaded a folder with subfolders, Why doesn't the download keeps the folder structure?

The Download Hub is intended to conveniently obtain multiple items from a folder directly to your device. Therefore it only downloads individual files from the folder and its subfolders, and not the folder structure itself, as this would require the content to be archived in a .zip file.