Admin: Meetings

Whenever a Showell App user records a meeting, you'll be able to find it's information within Showell Admin.


    • From Meetings you'll find contact specific meeting information
    • You can see which materials have been shown to who
    • and what notes have been made during those meetings
    • Your Meetings will also be available in HubSpot, if the integration has been enabled.


    • You can export your meetings as an excel spreadsheet by clicking the 'download'-button in the top right corner.
      download button

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    meetings in Admin

    Where do I find my meetings?

    How do I Add a new meeting?

    Where can I find and adjust the meeting's information?

    adjust meetings in admin
    • Click the meeting's name
    • In the 'settings'-tab you are able to view/edit:
      • The Subject
      • The Notes: This shows the presented documents and notes written by the Showell App user
    • Further you will find information on:
      • Company and contact name/email
      • When the meeting was held, ended and total length
      • Who had the meeting