How to start a meeting

When the Showell CRM and/or HubSpot integration is enabled, you can start a meeting within Showell to record your activity while presenting. Afterwards, view the meeting's details within your notes, Showell Admin or HubSpot.


    • With meetings you'll be able to record and track your whole sales pitch.
    • Any notes your write or content you showcase, will be recorded in the meeting summary.
    • Afterwards you can share the summary to your customer or simply double check what the customer truly was interested about, or if there were documents the customer wanted to receive in a share.
    • Your Meetings will also be available in HubSpot, if the integration has been enabled.

    👉This article will inform you on how to start a meeting
    within the Showell App.

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      How to start a meeting

      • There are 2 ways to start a meeting:
        • From the top menu
          start meeting from top menu
          • Open the Top Menu
          • Go to Tools and click Start Meeting
          • Choose the contact you're meeting with
          • Start Meeting
        • From the side menu
          start meeting from side menu
          • Open the Side Menu
          • Go to Contacts
          • Choose the contact you're meeting with
          • Click the 3 dots next to the contact name > Start Meeting > OK
      • Give your presentation and make notes
      • To end the meeting:
        • In the Top Menu, click the contact's initials (meeting)
        • Review the meeting summary and click End

      💡Once the meeting is over:

      • you can find all your notes and the presented content within your Notes.
      • The meeting's information is visible in Showell Admin.
      • The meeting's information is visible in HubSpot if the integration is enabled.