Why does my Showell App not work?

If you are experiencing problems, please make sure you have first checked the follow steps > In order:

1. Do you have the latest version of Showell App?

2. When logging in

  • Make sure that your user-name is correct:
  • If you forgot your password select the "Forgot password?" text, or use this link Forgot password
  • If you are using your companies username and password to access Showell - SSO (single sign on), use a domain code

3. Are you on the right account?

4. Do you have correct permissions?

  • Permissions
  • Administrators can check if you have restricted read or write privileges 
    • To the main page
    • To views
    • To folders

5. Are you in the right group?

6. Update your Showell App material

  • Press "update" button in the top menu
  • Long press update button (this will perform a complete refresh)

7. Update your device Version

How to find out what version I'm using?

8. Sign out and Sign in again

9. Quit Showell and open again

10. Restart your device