What is Showell?

Showell is an easy, powerful and lightning-fast Sales Enablement Platform for distributing, presenting, sharing and tracking sales materials.

Showell consists of two main elements:

Showell Admin


Showell Admin is an online Content Management Tool. In Showell Admin you can e.g.

  • Manage and organize sales content (brochures, data sheets, PowerPoint slides, videos images..)
  • Create users, groups and set permissions
  • Track the usage of Showell App - e.g. how content is presented and shared
  • Manage account settings and branding

Link to Showell Admin

Showell App


Showell App is a Sales Enablement App. In Showell App you can e.g.

  • Browse and search content
  • Show and create Customer-Driven Presentations
  • Share presentations to your customers via email
  • Use Smart Tools e.g. calculators, configurators, surveys, lead capturing..

Available for iPad, iPhone, Android tablet/phones and Windows 10 PC/tablets