Showell CRM

Showell has build-in CRM functionalities to manage your customer relationships and log meeting data faster and easier. Unlock it's full potential with a CRM integration!

💡Showell's CRM

With Showell's build-in CRM-tool you can manage your customers, track your sales meetings, capture notes and feed your CRM with up-to-date information.

Connect Showell with HubSpot to unlock it's full potential!


👉This article will provide a quick CRM Overview

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👍Benefits of Showell CRM and/or the HubSpot integration:

  • Both on Showell Admin and Showell App side you are able to find, add and connect with all your contacts.
  • You can record meetings with your customers and automatically create a summary.
    ➡️Case example: You have a meeting with your prospect. Start a meeting within the Showell app and show your sales pitch and other interesting content. You can also write notes to remember what was talked and agreed. When the meeting ends, you end it in Showell, and Showell automatically syncs the meetings data, notes and what was presented to your CRM.
  • Benefits for Showell App users (sales reps, dealers, ...):
    • One, easy and fast tool for sales meetings 
    • Works even when you are offline
    • Saves time
  • Benefits for Showell Admins (Management):
    • Increase usage of your CRM
    • Get more and better quality data (more accurate reporting) 
    • Lead and guide sales work better


➕ If you'd like to know more about Showell's CRM or the HubSpot integration:

CRM Overview

Once enabled, login to Showell Admin and select the CRM tab in the top menu to access information about Customers, Contacts and Meetings.

  • ContactsContains all contacts you have created to the CRM.
  • CustomersContains all companies you have in the CRM. You can find the associated contact person(s) below the account as well.
  • MeetingsContains information on what has been noted down and shown to customers in meetings.