Showell CRM

Showell has some light CRM functionalities that can be used to manage customer relationships. You can e.g. gather useful information from sales meetings.

CRM Walkthrough

  • Contacts: Contains all contacts you have created to the CRM.
  • Customers: Contains all companies you have in the CRM. You can find the associated contact person(s) below the account as well.
  • Meetings: Contains notes made by sales reps and information on what has been shown to customers in meetings.



  • Within Contacts you'll find all contacts entered in to your CRM
  • You can associate useful information with your contacts, such as materials used in sales meetings.
  • To create a new contact click on the "+ New contact"
  • You can add contact information, a title and company associations to contacts.

Tip: Users can access contact information within the Showell app. Here is an article with more information: Contacts in app



  • Customers are the companies you have created to your CRM
  • You can add a brief description and website information related to the customer
  • Within the company, you'll also find the contact associated with it



  • From Meetings you'll find contact specific meeting information
  • You can see which materials have been shown to who
  • and what notes have been made during those meetings 

Tip: To gather meetings data, users have to start a meeting from the Showell app. Here's how: Meetings in app

To activate the CRM features please contact us: