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How to get started with Showell Admin

This guide covers everything you need to know about Showell Admin to get started. Everything from the basics of uploading content to creating group privileges. Ready to get started?

Beginners guide to Showell Admin


  1. Go to admin.showellapp.com and login. If you don't have a password, request one from here.
  2. Check your Account settings and update your company logo and colors.
  3. Upload your sales, marketing and training materials, organize your content to different views and folders and share the desired content with someone else!
  4. Showell is a platform for your entire sales organization. Start by adding users and by setting user permissions based on their role. If you need to divide your user base to smaller teams, you should create groups, add the desired users to groups and set up group permissions to better manage group specific content. 
  5. Now that your account is set up, the materials have been uploaded and the user accounts are active, it is time to notify your sales organization about your new sales tool!
  6. Follow the activity of your users and identify the content that resonates with your audience through Showell analytics.

Ready to explore further?

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Showell Admin is very easy to use and it takes only minutes to learn the basics. Once your familiar with the basics, take a look at all of our features or explore our Guides, where we share best practices on how you can get the most out of your Showell account. 


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Tip: If you're having trouble with something, check our FAQ for answers or contact us at support@showell.com if you can't find a solution.